10 Toys Every Kid Had In The 90s

10 Toys Every Kid Had In The 90s
July 22, 2013 90s Vintage
Ninja Turtles Action Figures

Pogs: How you play wasn’t important, your true rank was based on how many pogs you had and how badass your slammers were.


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Ninja Turtle Action Figures: Quite possibly one of the greatest cartoon/action figure combos ever created. Only topped by one other (see below).

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G.I. Joe Action Figures: With names like Snake Eyes and Cobra, there’s a reason every kid in the 90’s played with G.I. Joes, and probably explains why some of us 30-somethings still do.

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Friendship Bracelets: Not so much a  toy, but an iconic image from growing up in the 90s. If you had ANY friends growing up you, you definitely had a friendship bracelet to prove it.

friendship bracelet

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Tiger Handheld Games: Tiger made these overly simple 2-D games for just about everything. From Jurassic Park to the Lion King. If you never had one, you probably never had fun either.

Tiger Handheld Games

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Super Soakers: The ultimate defense in any water war. Everyone had the classic Super Soaker 50, but if you were serious, you had a Super Soaker 200 or 250 with a backpack reserve tank.

Super Soaker 50

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Moon Shoes: An incredibly awesome idea implemented almost to perfection.  The only thing lacking here, is the adult version.  Now that 90s kids are all grown up, nobody has even thought to think for one minute that just maybe we still want to jump around and feel the freedom of jumping on the moon again!

Moon Shoes

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 Skip It: If you never had a Skip it…You probably aren’t a product of the 90s, simple as that.Skip it orginal

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Pogo Ball: Ok, so the Pogo Ball might originally be an 80s toy, but if you grew up in the 90s you were guaranteed to have owned, played with, or at minimum seen one of these bad boys. It’s a classic, and that’s why it’s included.

Pogo Ball

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Nerf Guns: Nerf Guns may possibly trump every other 90s toy ever invented.  When you go to a birthday party as a kid, and the only toy your friend asks for as a gift is any and every Nerf Gun available, it’s safe to assume you and every other kid needs them too.

Nerf Gun

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