10 Candies Every Kid In The 90s Loved

10 Candies Every Kid In The 90s Loved
July 18, 2013 90s Vintage
Fun Dip

Ring Pops – Ring pops were an important staple in the diet of the 90s kid…and still are for some of us.

Ring Pops


Fun Dip – Basically the equivalent of crack or meth for kids.

Fun Dip

Dum Dum Pops – Simply a classic, that just about every era can relate to.

Dum Dum Pops

Candy Necklaces – The candy wasn’t good, but if you bite the candy in half and shoot the other half across the classroom, you’ve got tons of ammo to last you all day.

Candy Necklace

Bubble Tape – 6 feet of bubble gum still seems like alot!

Bubble Tape

Ouch! Bubble Gum – Almost as great as the old cigarette candies…just more appropriate for kids in the 90s.

Ouch! Band Aid Bubble Gum

War Heads – You may still be addicted to these, but it’s ok, you’re not the only one.


Now and Laters – Rock hard, but chewy. Eat these if you want to pull a filling or a crown out.

Now and Later

Squeeze Pop – One of the worst candy creations ever. It’s just a disgusting ooze syrup you squeeze into your mouth.

Squeeze Pop Ooze

Cry Babies – Basically the competitor of War Heads…Looks like they lost War.

Cry Baby candy