80s Vintage Kenny Rogers Western Plaid Snap Button Shirt
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  • kenny-rogers-western-collection-by-karman-plaid-snap-button-shirt
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80s Vintage Kenny Rogers Western Plaid Snap Button Shirt


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This vintage 80s Kenny Rogers Western Collection by Karman plaid snap button shirt features blue plaid with blue pearl snap buttons. There are 6 snap buttons in the front middle, one on each front pocket, and 4 on each sleeve.

There is a bright red collar, with red piping all the way down the front and across the front and back yokes.

This shirt is in immaculate, unworn condition. There are no visible signs of wear or use.

This is a men’s large, 16″ neck width 34″ sleeve length.

80% Polyester, 20% Cotton. Made in U.S.A

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Kenny Rogers Western Collection by karman


16″ neck width, 34″ sleeve length

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20% Cotton, 80% Polyester