90s Vintage Pop Secret Blue Polo Shirt
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  • 90s-vintage-pop-secret-blue-polo-shirt
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90s Vintage Pop Secret Blue Polo Shirt

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Remember these old Pop Secret commercials from the 90s with Annie Potts? Well that’s where this shirt came from, one of the crew members from this commercial! This was random gift for us in that came in the mail last week with a story of a crew member who had to wear this pop secret polo shirt every day on the set. He ultimately gave it to us because he was a fan of what we do. Thanks Gary! Whoever you are…

This bright blue Pop Secret polo shirt is made in the USA by Vantage Custom Classics. It is a men’s medium, but appears to fit a bit tighter than the typical medium polo shirt.

On the front chest there is an embrodiered personified popcorn kernel with sunglasses and a hat. It says “POP SECRET MICROWAVE POPCORN” in small letters behind the waving popcorn kernel.

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