90s Wake Me Willy Alarm Clock
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90s Wake Me Willy Alarm Clock

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We’ve been asked time and time again if we would be willing to sell our classic 90s Wake Me Willy alarm clock.  The answer has always been a definite no…until now!  We’ve had offers upwards of $100, and we’re finally ready to let this one go for the right price. This classic alarm clock, made by Rumpus Toys, has no problem living up to its reputation.  Willy might just be the best cuddly night time pal for any kid, with his big googly eyes, bright yellow ears, and blue furry body. But don’t worry, Willy still does his job, and does it well with his internal alarm clock that makes him vibrate and nudge your child to get out of bed on time in the morning. With eight original phrases including “Stop tickling me, I’m not Elmo!” and “Wake up, you have to go to school!” you’re kids kids won’t know which quirky phrase is coming up next and helps them learn to get up on their own. Squeeze Willy’s right hand, and he wishes your children good night with his phrase “Sweet dreams, I’ll wake you in the morning.” If you squeeze his nose, he will happily tell you what time it is. One feature to note, that is also encourages kids not to get in to the habit of snoozing, Wake me Willy does not have a snooze button. This wake Me Willy Comes with batteries included and installed.

From Rumpus Toys

Wake Me Willy is the cuddly, interactive talking alarm clock toy that children can actually take to bed with them. Willy will vibrate and wake you with 1 of 8 different phrases like “Wake up, you have to go to school,” “Wake up you’re late,” “Wake up and brush your teeth,” “Wake up it’s time to play,” “Get up lazybones,” “Wake up, waaaaaaaaaaake up, wake up,” and “Stop tickling me, I’m not Elmo.” Included: three AA batteries

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